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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hole in the Wall for Smokers

A German bar owner has got round a smoking ban by cutting holes in the wall so customers can stick their heads out to have a cigarette.

Michael Windisch, owner of the Maltermeister Turm bar and restaurant in Goslar, Lower Saxony, cut three holes next to tables in his restaurant after local authorities introduced the ban on smoking in all eating places.

Customers who want to smoke can stick their heads through the large holes and their hands through the other two so they can have a cigarette. A curtain has been mounted to keep out the cold.

Mr Windisch said that using the "smoking point," customers could put their heads through a large hole and their hands through two smaller side-holes, then legally enjoy a cigarette without having to go outside.

Windisch said, "Now my customers can legally enjoy a cigarette without having to leave the comfort of the restaurant."

Local media have claimed the idea is likely to catch on in other parts of the country where blanket bans in smoking in restaurants are to be introduced from the New Year.