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Thursday, September 6, 2007

omosexuality is not a disease: Anusha Dandekar

Q: What type of man do you dig?
A-My man has to be anything between Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt.

Q: Is there someone who fits the bill of your ideal man?
A- Somebody who is playful, fun-loving, energetic and lives life for the moment. He should be ambitious because I don’t want both of us to sit unemployed. I think its all in Justin Timberlake. May be he will come to me one day (smiles).

Q: Your favorite romantic get away would be
A- It could be any isolated island.

Q: Do you believe that men are from Mars and women from Venus?
A-No, I don’t believe that they are from different worlds altogether. I don’t really know about Mars and Venus because I have never been there!

Q: Which man inspires you the most?
A-I think some one like Amitabh Bacchhan. He is a perfect gentleman.

Q: If given a chance to date a historical character who would he be and why?
A-It would be someone like Jim Morrison. I just want to know what it would be to live the life of a rock star’s girlfriend.

Q: Do you believe in one night stand or commitment?
A-I think whatever one is comfortable with.

Q: Can a man and a woman have a platonic relationship?
A-Of course they can. I have so many.

Q: Can Men be trusted?
A-Of course they can be. Tell me can women be trusted? It can be either ways. They can and they can’t.

Q: Your first crush?
A- My first boyfriend John.

Q: Your take on the institution of marriage from the point of view of you being a single woman?
A-Of course I believe in it. If two people love each other so much and want to live the rest of their lives together, then why shouldn’t they get married?

Q: Do you believe that marriages are made in heaven?
A-No, I believe you can try and make them as good as heaven. But you know you have to work on them because nothing comes easy in any way.

Q: What would you do if your man is found to be a gay?
A-If my man turns out to be a gay; I wouldn’t blame myself because that could be really cruel. See it’s not a disease. It’s natural in our bodies and is all because of hormonal imbalance. So if he suddenly realizes he is a gay I won’t criticize or abuse him. Hopefully we will become best of friends.

Q: Brainy or Brawny for you?
A-I don’t like brawny but I like men with good bodies.

Q: Is a sense of humor very important to you?
A- Yes, definitely.

Q: Which sun-sign men do you get along the best with?
A-They say I get along the best with Capricorn.

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